Reasons to Call Phoebe

Why I Love the Holidays
I love Christmas-time. My mother has always made Christmas special for my family. Since my family lives a couple hours away in northern Ohio, I've spent the past several years finding ways to make the holiday season as festive as my mom can. A couple years ago I started getting my friends together to wrap presents and make holiday cards. I realized that I loved it and I was good at it, probably because of all those years helping my mom. I started trying to find ways to make a hobby that I loved into a way to help me pay for college. I started by wrapping presents for my neighbors and it grew from there.

Phoebe vs. Boring Wrapping Paper
I was shopping for a wedding present online recently when I saw that the option to have it gift wrapped was available. I considered it, because the wedding was the same week I had midterms... until I saw their idea of gift wrapping. Boring and expensive!
Here are some links to what the department stores are charging and what you would get for your money.

Target charges $5.95  for white paper with a piece of white ribbon
Macy's charges $6 for a white box, which isn’t wrapped, and a white bow
JC Penney charges $8 to hand wrap with white paper

Of course, large stores have to be practical. It wouldn't be feasible for each gift to receive individual attention. All the gifts I wrap are original and special. It's also a chance for you to learn and get into the holiday spirit.

Think of it as a Scholarship
I am a senior in college. I will be completing my undergrad in June and every extra penny I make at my regular job goes to books or my student loans. I use all the money I make wrapping presents for school, so think of it as a scholarship fund.